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Beautiful pastel flowers by Grandiflora
Romantic bouquet

Flowers for the Romantics

A traditional mix of seasonal blooms in muted tones to give you a romantic feel. Add a vox box or vase.

Modest | $60.00

Generous | $90.00 

Spectacular | $150.00

Flax Basket

Dainty flowers arranged into a flax basket Choose from muted tones or a bright mix.

Modest | $55.00

Generous | $65.00 

Natural coloured flax basket with Grandiflora flowers
Grandiflora Flower Flax Basket
Grandiflora fresh flowers for the house
House flowers by Grandiflora

House flowers

Brighten up your living space with a selection of market fresh flowers from Grandiflora to adorn  your favourite vase. Just tell us your colour preference.

Modest | $65.00

Generous | $85.00 

Spectacular | $130.00

Grandiflora Club Posy

Our famous small posy needs no introduction. 

Pot Luck | $20.00

Modest | $35.00 

Generous | $55.00

Grandiflora dusty pink posy
Grandiflora posy in vase pastel colours
Grandiflora custom bouquet
Grandiflora flowers, white flowers florist choice
Designer Florist Bouquet

Let us create a bouquet of seasonal blooms. Tell us the occasion or colour preference and we will custom design a special bouquet for you. Add a vox box or vase.

Modest | $60.00

Generous | $85.00 

Spectacular | $150.00

Signature Large Posy

Our popular large posy with a selection of dainty flowers. Choose your colour palette, soft shades or bright tones

Modest | $55.00

Generous | $75.00 

Spectacular | $120.00

Grandiflora Large Posy Purple Flowers
Grandiflora Large Posy Pastel Flowers
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